Updated: 23rd October 2022
Approved at AGM: 6th July 2023

Origin of a Complaint

A complaint may be raised by:

  • a member (including a parent/guardian) if they believe that they have suffered discrimination in any way or that the Club Policies or Codes of Conduct have been broken
  • a third party if they believe that they have suffered discrimination in any way or that the Club Policies or Codes of Conduct have been broken
  • a committee member as a result of an incident where they believe a member has discriminated against an individual or broken the Club Policies or Codes of Conduct.

Informal Resolution, followed by Formal Resolution

It is recognised that in any football club, differences and misunderstandings may arise. Successful resolution of differences depends on the willingness of the parties involved to communicate with one another. Every effort should be made to resolve disputes in an informal manner if appropriate. Club officials and Committee Members will support this process as much as possible. However in the event that informal approach has failed or been deemed inappropriate, a formal complaint should be raised and addressed using the procedure below.


  1. The individual raising the complaint should report the matter to the Club Welfare Officer, Chair or another member of the Club Committee. The report should ideally include:
  • Details of what, when and where the occurrence(s) took place
  • Any supporting information
  • A preferred solution to the incident
  1. Upon receipt, the Club Chair or Welfare Officer will appoint a Grievance Panel to hear the complaint. The panel will ideally comprise a minimum of 3 members, consisting of (where possible) the Club Chair and Club Welfare officer, along with any other Committee Member as appropriate.
  2. The Grievance Panel will conduct an investigation into the Complaint. Including (but not limited to); interviews and meetings with relevant parties, seeking advice and expertise from Cambridgeshire FA. All meetings and interviews to be minuted.
  3. The Grievance Panel will endeavour to reach a decision in a timely manner.
  4. The Grievance Panel will seek if possible to resolve the complaint in an amicable and agreed manner. However the Grievance Panel has the power to:
    • Warn a member as to future conduct
    • Require a member to undergo training
    • Suspend from membership
    • Remove from membership
    • The Grievance Panel may make recommendations to other clubs or bodies (eg Cambridgeshire’s FA), if appropriate.
  5. Having conducted the investigation, the Grievance Panel will make a decision and communicate it to all parties involved.

This procedure operates under the guidelines of the FA. All parties are recommended to make themselves aware of the Whistle Blowing Policy.